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Gratitude Quest: Discovering Blessings in Scripture - Scripture Scavenger Hunt

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Embark on a Spiritual Adventure!

The Gratitude Question scripture scavenger hunt is a soulful journey that guides participants to uncover the abundant blessings mentioned throughout the Bible.

By diving into this indoor quest, individuals will experience a heartwarming transformation, cultivating a deeper sense of gratitude in their daily lives and recognizing the multitude of blessings around them. 


  1. Deepen Their Understanding of Gratitude in Scripture: They'll explore the multifaceted ways gratitude is portrayed in the Bible, from expressions of thanksgiving to acts of appreciation by various biblical figures.

  2. Cultivate a Heart of Thankfulness: Participants will learn to see the blessings in everyday life, inspired by biblical teachings, and develop a consistent attitude of gratitude regardless of circumstances.

  3. Connect Personal Experiences with Biblical Teachings: By drawing parallels between scriptural stories of blessings and their own life experiences, participants will discover the timeless relevance of gratitude in shaping a fulfilled life.


  1. Clue Cards: Beautifully designed cards, each one infused with engaging prompts that lead participants from one biblical story to the next, sparking curiosity and excitement.

  2. Detailed Instructions: A comprehensive guide that ensures a seamless experience, providing clear steps for setting up and navigating the scavenger hunt, whether for small groups or large gatherings.

  3. Special Note for the Treasure: A heartfelt message, thoughtfully crafted to resonate with the overarching theme, adding a personal and memorable touch to the discovery at the hunt's conclusion.

  4. Theme-Based Scripture Bookmarks (Includes both NLT and KJV): Elegant bookmarks adorned with selected verses and designs that tie into the theme, perfect as cherished keepsakes or to gift to fellow participants.

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    Gratitude Quest: Discovering Blessings in Scripture - Scripture Scavenger Hunt
    Gratitude Quest: Discovering Blessings in Scripture - Scripture Scavenger Hunt

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    After purchasing I didn’t have to wait for them to be mailed to me, I just had to print. I liked that!