Putting Pieces Together Theme Upgrade Bundle

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Putting Pieces Together Retreat Theme Upgrade Bundle

Life is like a puzzle with a variety of pieces interlocking to create a masterpiece. Sometimes the pieces look like they fit. You try to force them together, but it just doesn’t work. They bulge and bend and sometimes even break.

When we try to force pieces of our life together that aren’t meant to be, our hearts bulge and bend and sometimes even break.When we find the pieces that do fit, the joy and ease of the flow of seeing the picture that emerges is beautiful. No matter how we put our pieces of life together, God is always there with us, loving us, encouraging us, and wanting us to reach for Him so that we know Him as our Father. We know that:

  • God is Powerful
  • God takes care of us
  • God is our creator 

The bundle includes the following:

  • Table Talk Cards
  • Speaker's Outline
  • Scripture Prayer Cards
  • Small Group Discussion Questions
  • Individual Reflection Questions
  • All future updates

This upgrade bundle enhances the theme ideas in the post -

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